I have worked on several 3d films as native stereographer.

The tasks for me are those of following a feature film in pre-production, during shooting as on-set stereographer, and in post production for fine tuning of the color and 3d for the finished film.

My own personal experiences in 3d production have centered around getting feature production done as fast and as most cost effectively as possible, whilst combining the technicalities with my creative 3d experiences and suggestions.

In a recent 3d film I worked on - Fausto Brizzi's comedy "Com'è bello far l'amore in 3d” - I spent several weeks in pre-production in the rental company - Tecnovision / D-Vision in Rome - preparing cameras, rigs and solutions with their help to pre-calibrate rigs so that lens changes could be done practically and as fast as possible. This contributed to helping the Italian production company Wildside achieve principal photography in 8 weeks, as planned, without any overtime, exactly as per a normal 2d film that they had previously estimated, and with director happy that he had obtained all the shots that he wanted for his film.

I also trained up the camera crew from China Film Group both in Munich and Bejing before starting the native 3d photography on Jean-Jacques Annaud’s epic film “The Last Wolf” in Inner Mongolia in April 2013.

I have also worked in Dunia Production in Jeddah to train their crew in stereography for shooting 3d in their up-coming productions in Saudi Arabia, and I also trained the crew for Anne Riitta's film "I'm" - shot in Italy's Alto Adige Region.

My experience in shooting and post production allows me to create specialized training courses constructed for specific productions and requirements.