David Bush has been working since 1975 in the audiovisual production and post production Industries. He founded, found the financing, and managed technically, commercially and creatively four of Italy's most successful and innovative post production facilities: IMAGINACTION in Milan (1984), DIGITALVIDEO in Milan (1987), INTERACTIVE in Milan (1992) and CINECITTÀ DIGITAL in Rome (2001).

David's passion and desire to contribute his production and post production expertise ever more to feature films and fiction series, following on from decades of work in high-end commercials, documentaries & long format television programmes, often took him out of the post production facilities he founded and managed to supervise and produce visual effects on set and, since 2008, he has also specialised in offering high level consultancy for native stereography, color and 3d grading.

In the last two years he has also trained up film crews in native 3d stereography for China Film Group in Munich and Bejing, for Tecnovision/D-Vision in Rome and for Dunia Production in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He has also consulted for the creation of new and innovative film studios in India, Malta, Mexico and the UK.

David has worked with many talented film directors in the industry, offering his expertise for their increasingly challenging requirements and story-telling. Amongst these have been Theo Angelopoulos, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Michelangelo Antonioni, Pupi Avati, Giotto Barbieri, Goldie Behl, Bernardo Bertolucci, Anne Riitta Ciccone, Alessandro D’Alatri, Enzo D’Alo’, Uli Edel, Roberto Faenza, Giorgio Ferrara, Tony Giglio, Silvia Giulietti, Ahmed Kamel, Renzo Martinelli, Mario Monicelli, Giuliano Montaldo, Ferzan Ozpetek, Neri Parenti, Roman Polanski, Gabriele Salvatores, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Giuseppe Tornatore, Carlo Vanzina and Roger Young.

Following on from many years of technical and creative work on set in small, medium and large budget films, and building on his world-wide networking and experiences David is currently developing a slate of films with LUMINOUS RANGE FILMS. He has contacted and stimulated actively co-producers, equity investors & financiers from around the world together with the company's partners to find the financing to develop and produce these projects, which are slated for production from 2017 onwards.  See this link for current project slate.

David is also a member of the Accademia del Cinema Italiano for the DAVID DI DONATELLO AWARDS, and a passionate lover of all things Italian, especially when related to Cinematography.

For further information on David and some articles written by him see this link.

* current cellphone contacts:


  Italy +39 389 1646352,  Malta + 356 9950 3247, UK +44 7447 5755 12.

   Skype david.bush1